Wildlife Conservation Film Festival – Presenting the world’s best conservation & wildlife films

The Wildlife Conservation Film Festivals produces events across North America that screen the finest conservation, natural history and wildlife documentary films in the world.


Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

Wildlife Conservation Film Festival


The mission of The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival is to educate, enlighten and entertain people from around the world so they can become aware and understand that we must protect the world’s wildlife. We do this through the use of films, televisiion and social media.

The protection of species and habitat is critical not to the survival of humanity but our responsibility to ensure future generations can appreciate and enjoy the planet’s natural treasures

Wildlife Conservation Film Festivals organizes events in cities across the globe to reach a worldwide audience to spread the message of natural history and wildlife conservation.

The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival is the premier venue for the wildlife filmmaker to present their work to a world audience. These film festivals are annual events that attract members of the global conservation, film, media, television, and scientific community.


The Wildlife Conservation Film Festivals is fiscally sponsored by Trust for Wildlife, Inc. a 501©3  established in 1981. The mission of Trust for Wildlife is to focus on education, conservation and research that get’s people involved with wildlife in their own communities, and work to reverse the loss of critical habitat and the wildlife who depend on a healthy environment.

* Your donations will be accepted by TFW on our behalf, and are fully tax-deductible.

Advisory Committee

The development and success of the Wildlife conservation Film Festival is due in part to the guidance and support to our Advisory Board. These individuals are among the leaders within the wildlife conservation and film industries.

Marshal T. Case

Fabien Cousteau

Elizabeth Desiree

Dr. Sylvia Earle

Christopher J. Gervais

Allison C. Hanes

Dr. Ashok Khosla

Dr. Scarlett Magda

Ron Magill

John Martin

Dr. Mireya Mayor

Ian Redmond

Rose M. Roman, JD

John L. Stone

Blair N. Taylor

Charlot Taylor

Stan Waterman


Christopher J. Gervais, Founder & President

Emerson Wen, Marketing Director & Webmaster

Lillian Adair, Administration Assistant

Dan Mele, Research Assistant
* In addition to the website you can also find them on Facebook and LinkedIn
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival. 

*Festival Locations*

P.O. Box 347
Ardmore, PA 19003
Email: WildlifeFilmFest@aol.com

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