Gorilla Journal

While presenting my Masters independent project work at the European Federation of Primatology conference in Lisboa, Portugal Fall 2011 I was asked to contribute to this issue of Gorilla Journal.  It is not a complete paper on the work I carried out during my four months at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda but it is a good synopsis of key findings such as the distance tourists and gorillas interact with one another during gorilla tracking.  A more in depth journal article will be submitted to the conservation journal Oryx shortly, which will contain much more information collected from my studies, raw data, statistics, and recommendations.  And I am still currently trying to export human and gorilla saliva and feces from Uganda to the Center for Infection and Immunity http://cii.columbia.edu/ at Columbia University in New York City with Conservation Through Public Health www.ctph.org and EcoHealth Alliance www.ecohealthalliance.org.

Webare monunga to everyone at Gorilla Journal especially Dr. Angela Meder as well as my supervisors, colleagues, cohort, and friends across the globe for your continuous support!  It is really gratifying to see a final product and some of the research being shared with the public.  Research isn’t very valuable if it isn’t being disseminated properly so I encourage you to share these links and spread the word on this particular topic and general conservation medicine health globally.  We should live in a healthy global community.


The new Gorilla Journal is now in press and available for download in
pdf format at the Gorilla Journal website. The cover photo was taken at the Uganda Wildlife Authority briefing point at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda (© Allison C. Hanes).


You can download the English issue at:


the French issue at:


and the German issue at:


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