Rodrigo Valles Art

Check out my dear friend Rodrigo Valles’ unique and impressive artwork at the links below.  He has also incorporated many of my field work photographs of mountain gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda into his paintings.  ‘Brothers keeper’ is my favorite because it was one of the most amazing days I spent with Rushegura gorilla family.

Rodrigo Valles Jr.

I am a 33 year old, NYC-based, entirely self-taught artist. I taught myself to oil paint 6 years ago although I spent quite a bit of time tagging writing and graffiti in my younger years. Painting is not my only profession, though it is my passion. I am a neuroscientist by trade.

My paintings are street art influenced. My work also draws upon my life experiences including my Mexican-American background, growing up as the son of hard working but financially challenged immigrant parents, my education, traveling and living in vibrant cities, and, more recently, nearly dying after someone hit me with their car while I was walking home.

My unique and varied background, love for the city environment and dynamic, and philosophical introspection all make appearances in my mixed media paintings. They are commentaries on living and growing up in the United States so I utilize relevant imagery from hip-hop lyrics to Mexican wrestlers. I organized my first art show last year at CultureFix in NYC and I started selling some my work about 2 years ago.

artist’s statement

My works focus on moments of vulnerability and contradiction. Encounters with sadness, confusion and destruction force an evaluation of what is truly precious, thereby becoming moments of insight and beautiful in their own right. The physical manifestation of this can be seen in juxtapositions of decay and nature. As the source, our man-made environments create both chaos and a philosophical evaluation of what we have done. Our creations are both destructive and magical.


Brothers keeper


No church in the wild 24×36


Untitled, mixed media on wood 20×24 $600

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