Dissertation time

I apologize for not blogging some really interesting things towards the end of my trip.  I already regret not having recorded them as well. I instead took the time to trek as much as possible for more samples and present my preliminary findings at the first Across Africa Gorilla workshop held in Ruhija. It was a wonderful conclusion to my three months working in Uganda. Also, was my visit to the Entebbe Zoo with CTPH colleague and friend Dr. Hameed just hours before my flight back to London.  I still think it was Hameed’s plan to keep me in the country via a baby elephant, I nearly missed my flight!

Overall, my experience in Uganda was amazing and productive. Now I am currently in our graduate research lab in Oxford plugging away at data analysis. You probably won’t hear from me for quite some time. Thank you for following my MSc project.


1 thought on “Dissertation time

  1. Sounds like you had really fun time. I would learn a lot if I ever went there. You are fortunate you were able to go there. The pictures were great and you wrote the description very well.

    Kenneth Eckland

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