I am slowly learning the local dialect.  I  tried to google the language here in Buhoma but I can’t find anything so everything here is Alexis or myself’s made up phonetic spellings.

Agande- Hi or good day.

Neejeh- I’m good.

Murira mutta- Good morning.

Wasiboda- Good afternoon.

Eiziina agange nibanyeata ni a Allison- My name is Allison.

Ninduga America- I’m from America.

Ninkora na CTPH- I work with CTPH. (Ninkora-work; na-with)

Webare- Thank you.

Nashaymererwa kubareba- Thank you or something similiar to that

Engagi- Gorilla

Maama wangye ni- My mother is

Taata wangye ni- My father is

Ninyenda okurya ekyenyanja.- I would like to eat fish.

Ninyenda okurya emboga.- I would like to eat vegetables.

Ihjeh – Come here.

Tujende-Let’s go.

Mbasiisire mwena- I miss you.

Kare kare- Bye

I read that a dialect in the northeast Karimojong has a vocabulary of only 180 words.  Maybe I can actually become a polyglot?   This also would explain why Emmy spoke 11 languages.

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